Intuitive Art

What is intuitive art?

Intuitive art is a collaboration between your feelings and your paintbrush. There is no end-product agenda; it's all about this practice of allowing the message to unfold.

As an artist, I've learned that not only is art a great outlet for self-expression, but it actually helps us understand our inner world. Intuitive art helps you recognize what you know is true but haven't acknowledged out loud or even to yourself sometimes.

This kind of art is the purest form of self-expression I know. It requires NO skill. NO painting technique whatsoever. In fact, you don't even have to use a paintbrush.

The practice isn't about developing art skills- it's about developing trust skills. Trust in yourself to know what to paint next. Trust that each step will lead you to the next. Trust that you simply cannot do it wrong.


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"I REALLY enjoyed your workshop! …For me I found it was my first step in really 'taking action'….it gave me the jump start I needed to get back into doing something I love. My two paintings are sitting on my painting table surrounded by paper, paint, brushes, glitter, glue, and mess and I've never felt more in my element. I keep looking deeper and deeper within myself and everything is coming together for me…."

~ Andrea


Why paint this way? What's the benefit?

Intuitive art teaches you to tune in to your feelings through painting. When you know how you really feel, you can move confidently forward, knowing you're doing what's right for you.

You can learn this practice even if you've never picked up a paintbrush before. The feeling-and-releasing cycle helps move the energy through your body instead of keeping it stuck inside of you.

The more you tune in to what's going on inside, the more adept at it you become. This is your authentic self speaking to you, and it wants to be heard!

So come… connect to your authenticity through your paintbrush. This class is appropriate for all skill levels.

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